Friday, 16 May 2014

The Happy Camper :D

A couple of months ago, I bought a very odd-looking contraption called a folding camper. I blame it on my friends Karen and Lucy. Oh, and on my being somewhat impulsive! I spotted it on eBay, hit 'Buy Now' and then panicked because I didn't have a tow bar and I'd never actually towed anything before. Oops!

I called the lady I'd bought it from and explained that I needed to get a towbar, but she kindly said she'd drive it over for me. So, the Happy Camper was on my drive 1.5 hours after I'd bought it. Double oops!

I'd never actually seen one in the flesh and was a bit nervous about what I'd landed myself with. The bottom half is essentially a caravan, with a top that's canvas like a tent. It's quite a masterpiece of engineering and it is huuuuge. It has two double bedrooms with pretty decent mattresses and it even has a hob and a fridge. I am far too old for sleeping on the floor in a sodding tent. I need some home comforts!

Amazingly, when we opened it up, it was in excellent condition. Better than that even. It had everything in it... a three-man tent, crockery, cutlery, brand new sleeping bags... it even had a little container with tampons in. Handy. It was like Christmas, opening cupboards up to see what goodies lurked inside.

We've taken the Happy Camper away three times now, but I've not used the gas or anything just in case. The camper is 19 years old, so I was worried in case the gas isn't safe. So today, a very lovely man came over and serviced the Happy Camper. He got everything working and says it's all in mint condition and is perfectly safe. Yippee! Now to take on some camping adventures...

I can't wait to see where we end up and to regale you all with tales of our exploits :D

But now, it's time for Gogglebox. Best thing on TV by a country mile. 


  1. And I blame you for making me buy my caravan so we are quits!

  2. LOL! What sort did you buy?!?! Such fun :D