Friday, 30 May 2014

Diary Of A Couple Of Festival Virgins - Day 1

I would have blogged earlier, but we've been having too much fun. Festival cherry well and truly popped :D

We arrived at the Wychwood Festival and set up our Happy Camper and then headed along the short walk to the festival. What a cool place. Fabulous sounding food from all over the world. 'Oooh, look! They've even got food for drunk people!' said Thomas pointing at the doner kebab. Think we'll give that one a miss. I've got my eye on the chicken pot pie stall. Well, it would be rude not to - they serve it with cheesy mash.

After fully acquainting ourselves with the venue and making notes about the kids' literature events tomorrow, we wandered down to hear The Stranglers at the main stage where we were immediately adopted by some very friendly drunk people from Swindon. Awesomely awesome.

The crowd's numbers swelled as we all waited for the band and the atmosphere just got better and better. There are people here of all ages and there's a fantastically chilled out feel to the place.

Then the lights blazed on the stage and The Stranglers started up. What a brilliant concert. All the obvious crowd pleasers - Heroes, Golden Brown, Peaches... - and a few covers too. All great! Even better was that no one came and stood in front of us. Hurrah! We could actually see the whole thing.

We've only been here a few hours, but we really can't wait for tomorrow when Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble) hits the stage and then the kids' literature events. From 4.45pm though, you'll mostly find me at the main stage watching Bad Manners, Newton Faulkner, Reef and the Levellers. I might wander over the the Big Top to watch King Charles too, just to annoy my friend Petra ;)

Now, where do I go to get a shower here?

Night night all! Thomas is already asleep. Another gold star for Wychwood :D

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