Saturday, 31 May 2014

Diary Of A Couple Of Festival Virgins - Day 2

Thomas was so exhausted last night that he slept for a full 11 hours. He didn't seem to hear any of the noise of people wandering around and chatting, or the campers near us playing music at full volume. Mind you, I managed to sleep through all that too.

I woke up, made up the other bed for my friend Helen to sleep in when she gets here tomorrow, and tidied up. It's incredible how quickly this small space turns into a tip. Then I boiled some eggs. You have no idea how excited I am that the gas in here works. Even the fridge seems to be doing its stuff. Yippee! This little £400 odd-looking camper represents so much freedom.

First up today, after getting dressed, is to go and check out the children's literature events at the Wychwood Festival. I really don't want to miss Korky Paul or Tony de Saulles!

(Chuckling at the man in the caravan behind us teaching his kids to sing 'Lip Up Fatty'.)


Right! We've popped back - it's 3.45pm and we haven't stopped. We've not even found time to eat. There is sooooooooooooo much to do. Thomas really loved meeting Korky Paul (illustrator of Winnie The Witch books), who put on a really great show. We also went and saw another children's author called John Dougherty who was also great. He asked the children if they had any questions and Thomas's hand shot up. Thomas asked what time of day the children in his story had met the mean badgers, only badgers are nocturnal. Hahaha! Busted! The audience all clapped and laughed as John fessed up to having to use some artistic licence there.

Thomas absolutely enthralled by Korky Paul

Then we went to hear Roald Dahl stories being read and Thomas went to the clay workshop where he made a Wither Boss. Apparently. That's now drying on the work top in the camper.

Yes, I know it looks like a turd, but I'm assured it's a Wither Boss.

So, now we're off out again to catch King Charles (to annoy Petra to take photos of him for Petra) and then for some Bad Manners followed by Reef and some Newton Faulkner.


And we still haven't done the drumming circle that looks, and sounds, acers!


This evening, we mostly spent singing and dancing along to Bad Manners. Class! Bizarrely, they were followed by Newton Faulkner who was also ace, but a very different kind of ace.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze in a shower because I was completely minging. Showers here are clean and hot. I didn't expect that. Come to think of it, I didn't expect there to be showers here at all.

Then off I went, complete with dripping wet hair, to see Reef. I first saw these guys on what was probably their first commerical gig. Never seen a lead singer look so scared. Not so now, he's very cool and very handsome too. 'Put Your Hands On, Put Your Hands On...' OK. Don't mind if I do :D

Which brings me on to the next incident of the day. I bumped into King Charles. No, not the one that was executed. This one's a singer. Looks v like Prince. Now, my friend Petra loves this chap, so she will be livid that I chatted to him. Mind you, he didn't seem all that impressed that I wanted him to have his picture taken with my nearly-nine-year old. And, he was even less impressed when my f***ing phone decided that it didn't really fancy taking his picture and so wouldn't switch itself on. Still, it got us an invitation to see him after his show.

I hate technology.

On balance, I'd say today has shown me that by day I'm a bit of a hippy and by night I'm still quite a rock chick.

So it's off to bed, mostly because I'm here with a child, and partly because I want to get up in time to see Tony de Saulles tomorrow. Another illustrator of children's books.

Rock and very roll.

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