Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What On Earth Can I Buy For A Boy Who Has Everything?

So, it's Thomas's 9th birthday in just over a week and I have absolutely no idea what to get him. I usually have a list that's a mile long, but not this time - probably because I've filled so many mile-long lists for him in the past!

I asked him what he'd like and he replied: 'I have everything I need.'

True, but not helpful.

Or is it? Perhaps he is absolutely right and has more than enough. He has eight crates that are full to bursting with Lego. He has dozens of games. He has a whole childhood's worth of art materials. Then there are the computer games...

Have I spoilt him? Maybe. He doesn't seem like a spoilt kid though. He's happy to share and he's not sulky, prone to showing off or being demanding.

In truth, I've always felt terrible that he doesn't have his dad around and so I have always worked hard to ensure that he doesn't miss out on anything. I've bought two parents' worth of stuff at every birthday and Christmas. Well, I have when I've had the money to do it, but I've also got things from Freecycle and charity shops when I've been brassic. I also have incredibly generous family and friends who always buy lovely things for Thomas and who always blow me away with the amount of thought and care they put into their gifts.

So now I am faced with his bedroom that is packed full of toys and I am at a bit of a loss about what to get Thomas this year. I don't feel like I can get him nothing. He's 9 and should have some fun gifts to open I think. Besides, he and I have such a close relationship that I look forward to snuggling up with him on birthday morning and watching him opening his presents from me.

I think perhaps that I'll go for some science experiment-type games that he can learn from, and some days out. Not all from me, you understand, but from friends and family too.

Anyone else out there got any better ideas?

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