Thursday, 29 May 2014

What Do You Pack For A Festival?

What on earth do you pack for a festival? We're heading off to the Wychwood Festival tomorrow and I have no idea what to take. Check it out, it looks fab!!

I have opened up the Happy Camper, cleaned it, and stocked up on toilet roll and water. OK, I've also got six pillows, two king sized duvets, tea, coffee, milk, bread, butter, eggs, baked beans, lots of toiletries and a first aid box. Plus lots of clothes and towels. Oh yes, and a portable toilet.

I obviously think I'm going away for months ;)

Mind you, I've heard lots of bad things about toilets at festivals, so I reckon I might be able to rent mine out. Form an orderly queue. Only those with a good aim need apply.

Maybe not.

Now to go and re-read all about the things that we'll be doing there. Stand by for all the photos tomorrow :D

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