Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Friends

We are having the best week. We might be staying in a little static caravan on the windswept south coast, but we are having a ball!

The children, all 13 of them, are playing beautifully. There's a great mix of ages and all the children are really great. Thomas has never had more fun. We've been to Rye (beautiful!), we've been to see the petrified forest at the Winchelsea beach (didn't find the dinosaur footprints, but not for lack of looking!), the kids have all been swimming in the heated pool here, and we ventured to the magnificent beach at Camber, but were thwarted by the wind whipping the sand at us. I'm still finding it in my ears!

In the evenings, we've been heading to the little club house on the site and it's be fantastic. Music, quizzes, dancing and BINGO. I haven't laughed so much in ages. So, not only has Thomas made some lovely new friends, but so have I. The ladies here are all awesome!

I'm definitely going to organise another trip like this. It's proving to be a great adventure for us all and it's so nice not to be doing it all alone.

Here's to new friends!

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