Sunday, 4 May 2014


Why is it that, when you need a piece of technology to work, it fails spectacularly? Yesterday, I printed off some question papers for a quiz I was running today. I was feeling very pleased with myself because I'm usually hideously disorganised. Then I checked the numbers of attendees and noticed that I had a couple more coming than I'd realised. Never mind! I'll print a few more. What do you mean, 'toner empty'? Why didn't I get any sort of warning about this?

Right! We'll have to get up early and hit PC World. Their website says they hold stocks of the toner I need.

So, up we get at the very crack of dawn and head over to Weybridge. No sign of the toner I needed. Not in PC World, Argos or Tesco. My quiz was starting in just over an hour, so I ended up having to buy a new printer!!!


What a waste of money.

Anyway, papers printed and quiz went well. Phew!

Back to my mum's to collect Thomas (thank you, mum!) and for a yummy roast dinner (thank you, mum!)

Quiz Corner
The answers to the questions from yesterday are ENRIQUE TIRABOCCHI and GENERAL SHERMAN..

Today's two to tackle are from the quiz I ran today...
1. How many 'Dimes' are there in a US Dollar?
2. From the Latin, via French for “to fly’; what term is used in tennis to describe a return shot made by the player before the ball bounces on their side of the court?

Answers tomorrow :D

Livid Thought Of The Day
Shops that sell printers but not the consumables. Absolutely fuming!

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