Wednesday, 21 May 2014

One Step Closer To The Good Life

Thomas wanted to learn to do some things in the kitchen today. He's decided that he wants to be able to make his Grandma a cup of tea next time she's here. So, first up, was teaching him to do that. I would have taught him ages ago, but I don't really drink tea or coffee, so it hadn't occurred to me to show him. Anyway, today he asked and so we made one. As well as making the tea, we learned where tea comes from and we also observed that steam is water. Geography and science in action.

Then Thomas decided that he'd like to make butter - all by himself. So he did. We're going to make scones with the butter milk tomorrow.

Afterwards, we decided to have a go at making yoghurt in our new yoghurt maker. It's easy to do, but takes ages for the bacteria to do its stuff. It was very yummy and completely organic, so worth the wait. I reckon we spent about £1.20 on the ingredients to make 7 x 200g of yoghurt. It'll be 50p cheaper next time as I'll be able to use some of the yoghurt to start it off instead of having to buy one. So, 70p for all that yoghurt is less than half what I'd pay in Tesco and I'll be getting much better quality yoghurt. The yoghurt maker could pay for itself after around 14 uses. Great!

Finally, we made bread.

So, bread, butter, (jam we made in the autumn), yoghurt, scones (tomorrow) and a cup of tea. We're zipping down the fast lane towards the Good Life, baybee!

And, look at all the learning Thomas has done too. Weighing, measuring, geography, science, literacy (reading instructions) and maths (working out the best value products in the super market). All explained at a point in time when it's relevant to Thomas.

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