Thursday, 1 May 2014

Broadcasting Live To The Nation

Today, I have mostly been broadcasting live to the nation. Well, OK, I was a guest on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio 2 show. They were talking about what makes a good quiz question and so they came and asked me - obviously :D

It was quite cool really because it gave me the opportunity to speak to the producer about something else I'm planning, so hopefully I'll be on the show again soon.

I have to say though, that I really hate doing anything like this. I get very stressed about it. I'm naturally a back room girl. I don't like speaking publicly and so I always feel proud of myself when I get up the nerve to do these things. Go me ;)

Enough about me though, today has also been about ensuring Thomas is familiar with the important things in life. To this end, I have introduced him to Knight Rider and, today, to the A-Team. What 8-year-old boy's education would be complete without a talking car and men who can armour a van, but who can't manage to shoot anyone?

He also learnt to play the harmonica and we read up on the trees we saw yesterday. He's rediscovered his dressing up box as well, and keeps appearing dressed as a knight or a pirate. Love it! Creative play at its finest. We even had a sword fight. Avast me hearties!

Did we do our walk? Erm....

So, how did you do with those questions from yesterday then?

Quiz Corner
The answers to the questions from yesterday are DR SEUSS and WIKILEAKS

Today's two to tackle from the Simon Mayo Show...
1. Which Danish company makes more tyres than any other company in the world?
2. On which date in March do mathematicians celebrate Pi Day?

Answers tomorrow :D

Livid Thought Of The Day
Why is it that, when you have a baby, everyone knows why it's crying except you? Livid!

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