Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sunday - The Day Of Rest

I don't think so!

Up at 5am to update the World Quizzing Championships rankings. With an expected 2,000 participants, it's a huge job!

Then tidying the house, having a bath, heading to Tesco to get in the groceries for our picnic and heading over to the station to pick up Auntie Annabel and Thomas's cousin George. Home again, in time for Auntie Sammy and Lewis arriving.

Now to make the picnic - with the help of Annabel and Sam.

Off to Bushy Park, late, to meet up with my Mum and more friends for a picnic. Lovely. Weather is awesome and the park is full of happy families.

Then came the tears as my friend Karen's 7-year-old daughter fell into a stagnant, almost dried up ditch. Unfortunately, being nearly dried up just meant that it had a thick black sludge in it that stunk! The poor little girl was covered head to toe in it. Absolutely hilarious ;)

Right! That's enough of picnicking. Let's head home and get out the water slide thing Thomas got for his birthday. Awesome! Well, it will be once I have found the pump for it. I knocked on the doors of three neighbours, but no one could find a pump. Although, one did find my cat, Cosy Joe, asleep in her caravan when she went to check in the garden! He is the cosiest cat ever.

Luckily, I found my pump and so disaster was averted and three boys got to splash and slide around in the sunshine while I made a roast for dinner. We moved the dining table and chairs out on to the decking. Oh joy! Roast dinner in the evening sun. Heaven.

After everyone left and Thomas went to bed, I got back to work getting those scores up. We had over 1,800 at this point and I knew people would be itching to see how they'd done.

Bed for me at 1am. Long day, but a good day.

Monday will have to be my day of rest.

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