Friday, 6 June 2014

Massive Scheduling Meltdown

Tomorrow, I will mostly be juggling Thomas's 9th birthday with running the World Quizzing Championships - a small affair taking place in just the 123 venues in 41 countries.

Amazingly though, I am quite well organised. Presents with Thomas in the morning, drop him to my mum's for a day at Hobbledown Farm, whiz over to the Lakeside at Frimley to run the English leg of the event, belt back to mum's in time for cake, then work all night once Thomas is asleep to collate the scores as they start coming in from around the world.

It doesn't sound too bad when I write it down.

OK. It sounds like a mare.

Hey ho! Tomorrow, I will try to find time to tell you all about it.

Lucky you!

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