Saturday, 21 June 2014

Messing About On The River... And On Land

We spent the weekend camping with my friends from school. We met aged 11 (so not *very* long ago) at Tiffin Girls' School, so it's pretty cool to be in touch with them and their children.

Happily for me, we were camping just 17 minutes from my home. Bliss! We set up on Friday... well, that was the plan. Lucy, Lucy's dad and I set up on Friday, but Karen didn't arrive in her newly-bought caravan. We started to get a bit worried about her at about 8pm and so we called her. She was having a mare. The electric socket on her tow bar didn't match the one on the caravan, so she couldn't wire up the driving lights and, therefore, couldn't drive the caravan. How annoying! So, she and her little girls drove over and stayed in the Happy Camper with Thomas and I.

We all crammed into to camper and went to sleep. Until we were all rudely awakened by a rain storm that could only be described as a monsoon. Honestly, if you'd aimed a pressure washer at us, the water couldn't have hit us any harder than this rain was.

Thank goodness I sprayed waterproofing gunk over the canvas a couple of weeks ago!

The rainy night was survived and the sun came out in the morning. Until Lucy's husband arrived and brought the rain along with him. Gah!

Still, Karen's caravan had been fixed and so she went back to collect it, and her husband. Then Petra and her daughter arrived too. Yippee! That was the the lot of us.

We then spent a lovely weekend chilling and laughing while the children played. Perfect.

On Sunday, Petra's husband brought their boat down to Runnymede and so Thomas and I went to see it. It was really good fun. We went up and down the Thames, through a lock and Thomas even got to drive - which he loved.

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