Thursday, 12 June 2014

Home Ed On The Move

I often get asked how I educate my son and it's quite a tricky question really. We do some reading, writing and maths, but most of what we do is led by whatever we are doing at that moment. I thought I'd post about it today as Thomas asked me what a litre was at a petrol station today. He knew what it was, but he wanted to know how big it was. He wondered if I just put one litre into the car.

While we drove along, I asked him to look at his drinks bottle and I asked what it said on it. He said '0.75 litres'. So, I told him that this was the same as three quarters of a litre - ie: less than a litre. I told him that our milk comes in a 1 litre bottle too. Now he has a rough idea of what a litre looks like.

We then chatted about other units of measurement. I explained that everything has a special way of being measured. I asked him what units of measurement we use for distance. He said kilometres, miles, centimetres etc. We then thought about units of weight and he said kilograms and time in hours, minutes and seconds.

There we go. A brief lesson about measurement that put everything in context at exactly the time it was relevant to Thomas - while we were out and about in the car. Learning is everywhere.

Tomorrow, we will have a go at measuring things when Daisy's here.

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