Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I Am Exactly The Opposite Of The Person I Thought I'd Be

Whilst watching a programme this evening on the history of caravanning (never let it be said that I'm not 100% rock and roll), I suddenly realised that I have become exactly the opposite of the person I thought I'd be. And you know what? I bloody love it!

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd find myself an impoverished single mum, running a business from home and holding up traffic all over the country as I drive around trailing my £400 folding camper behind me, I'd have laughed at you. I'd have probably called the men in white coats out to cart you off if you'd told me that I'd make my own bread and butter too. I even made orange squash the other day (it was disgusting). But here I am. Just one goat short of living the Good Life, baybee! Tom and Barbara Good have nothing on me.

Life hasn't turned out to be quite the fairytale I was sold as a child. There is no handsome prince or knight in shining armour. But that's OK. Life's pretty good and Thomas and I have a great time. I'm determined to support my son and myself and I'm going to make sure that Thomas has a fun-filled, adventure-packed, loving childhood. I work all hours, so work doesn't encroach too much on my Thomas-time, and I put a lot into searching out things to do and see. Lack of money never holds me back. I can always find a way to achieve things on a shoestring.

Starting this blog has already been fab. I'm amazed to see so many people reading it and I very much look forward to taking you all along on the crazy ride that is my world. Marvel as I juggle educating my son and running a business, and I might even let you into some of my little secrets for living the high life for next-to-nothing ;)

What's that you say? Shut up talking because all you really want to know is how to make butter? Well OK, then - it's very easy. Get some double cream, a pinch of salt and a bowl of cold water. Whisk up the cream and bung in the salt. Keep going... the cream will suddenly separate out into butter milk and butter. You'll know when it's done because it goes from being white to being solid and yellow (looking exactly like... butter) with white liquid. Scoop it out and pop it into the cold water. Give it a squeeze to get out any remaining butter milk and bish bosh - home made butter. Simples.

Jane x


  1. Well It has to be asked - what can you do with the bit of milk stuff that you were throwing away? I now feel I have to have a go at this butter malarkey, but the finance part of my brain is also going to have to work out how much it costs to make v how much it costs to buy.......I will keep you posted.

  2. I found this article pretty good for buttermilk ideas:!12830/oven-fried-buttermilk-chicken

  3. Looks like a better idea. Except they are not biscuits - they are scones. Hot scones that need a bit of butter on them......see what I've done there