Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So Near and Yet...

Not a bad effort in the quest to walk 10,000 steps today. I worked until really late last night - well, early this morning really - to get my quiz out and to finish off some work verifying questions for a TV show's new app. I wanted all those things off my desk so I would have nothing distracting me from the walk.

Thomas was really excited and proudly boasted that he could easily beat me to 10,000 steps. Let's face it, my 90-year-old neighbour could thrash me at this game. Are all children this competitive?!? He leapt out of the car as soon as we parked up at Esher Common and immediately started looking at the different shapes of the leaves on the trees and plants. We knew many of them, but certainly not all of them, so we have looked some up this afternoon in a lovely book we have at home. (Note to self: take nature book out with us tomorrow.) We also spotted a wren and made a camp. I really do love this home educating thing, you know. Outdoors... fresh air... exploring nature... holding hands... learning together. Wonderful!

Flushed with success, we even popped over to the allotment this evening for a couple of hours to check on all the things we planted last week and to do a bit more digging and strimming. It almost looks like we know what we're doing ;)

So, how many steps have I done today?


Not quite hit the 10,000, but not too bad for a first effort.

Tomorrow, we will walk for longer. And we WILL get to the 10,000. And we'll take a nature book with us!

I'm off now to catch the rabbits before Mr Fox does.

Jane x

Quiz Corner
The answers to the questions from yesterday are IRON and SEVEN

Today's two to tackle...
1. Best known for his children's books, writer Theodore Geisel is better remembered by which pen name?
2. Which website uses the tagline, ‘We Open Governments’?

Answers tomorrow :D

Livid Thought Of The Day
Why does cling film weld itself to anything but the bit of cling film you want it to stick to? Livid!


  1. I'm going to rise to your challenge and have a go at this butter-making marlarkey. Of course, I will also include a cost analysis of bought v made, maybe a graph or two as to time taken to make v a trip to Lidls - plus a glorious pie chart of stress of making v stress of going to said Lidls. I will report back.

    PS in answer to cling film conundrum - because it can

  2. All charts are good charts! Let me know how you get on!!! It really is very easy. Even I can do it :D

    As for the cling film, I think I might trade it in for foil and sandwich bags!